Welcome To Our New Blog!

la bruja gataHey there! Thanks for checking out our new website and blog, labrujagata.com!

For our first post I thought I’d throw out an oldie but goodie. This is one of the first rehearsals playing together, before we were La Bruja Gata!

This video is about 5 years old, and we’ve definitely come a long way since we made this first casual recording, but it’s always fun to reach back and listen to some of the music from the early days!

I hope you enjoy, and for more information about where we are today, and what we’re playing, be sure to check out our youtube channel! We try to keep that updated with more recent recordings and our goal is to put one up at least once a moonth!

We’ll also be back here soon with more blogs and topics relating to the band and music education.
Until then! -Alex

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