The 6 Top Songs By The Rolling Stones and The Eagles

rolling stones vs. the eagles

The Rolling Stones vs The Eagles: What Are The Top Songs?

When you have a discussion about the greatest rock n’ roll groups in history, both the Rolling Stones and The Eagles are going to be part of that conversation. Sure, there are other groups out there, but in my view the Rolling Stones are definitely one of the best. They are still out there touring as old as they are now, as somehow Mick Jagger and company found a way not to have to slow down too much. What are you favorite songs that the Rolling Stones have put out? They have made some very influential music, and the following five songs are ones that perhaps had the biggest influence on fans, the industry and the world.

Now, before the best and most influential songs are mentioned, make sure you understand these are songs put out by the group The Rolling Stones. Rolling Stone magazine likes to put out lists of top songs, too, and those songs would be by various rock n’ roll music artists. So what are the best five songs put out by The Rolling Stones themselves that have had the most influence on the world?

The Eagles Wins With Hotel California

Even though the bulk of this list is made up of Stones songs, I think that there’s only one truly great song needed to take the prize, and that’s Hotel California.

Not only did this song encapsulate the feelings of a generation, but it has stayed popular for several decades, and is one of the most searched guitar songs for beginning guitarists to play, which says something about just how good it is!

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The Rolling Stones Top Hits

While some of the songs put out by The Rolling Stones might not contain subject matter that everyone finds delightful, there are songs like “Shine A Light’ that have resonated with a larger group of people. This is a very spiritual song that has a very positive message. Of course, songs by The Rolling Stones don’t have to have a positive message in order to be influential.

Sympathy For The Devil was another very popular and influential song by The Rolling Stones. There are many that could make the list for various reasons, and some of their songs were more heavily played than others, just remember that. Sometimes you can find the best material in the songs that didn’t get as much attention.

Gimme Shelter is another top song by this rock n’ roll group that has put more than five top songs out there for people to enjoy. While the instrumental portion of this song is very popular, it’s the lyrics that had people talking about this song back in the late 60’s. Get the Gimme Shelter guitar tab if you want to learn how to play it. Visit this site to learn more.

Are you ready for the last two songs?
At #2 is Sweet Virginia, and you’re probably already singing along, aren’t you? And now, for the #1 most influential song by The Rolling Stones. They’ve been making music for decades, so it’s hard to pick. However, the #1 song is ‘I Know It’s Only Rock n’ Roll But I Like It.’

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