About The Band

The is the official fan page for the band La Bruja Gata.

la bruja gataLa Bruja Gata, which is Spanish for “The Witch-Cat” is an indie rock group based out of Fresno, CA.

The band began at Fresno State, when three friends: Chris, Jake, and Alex, started getting together on the weekends to jam out in the music building. They started off with covers by all of your typical bands, from Maroon 5 to Ed Sheeran, but quickly moved into experimenting with their own musical tastes and styles.

Alex, the lead singer and guitarist, also led the charge in writing tunes for the group to play, and they started gigging around local bars and restaurants, playing any show they could get their hands on!

After a few years, the group started to gain some recognition in the East Bay, and began playing across the Bay area, from San Francisco to Oakland and down to San Jose.

They are available for booking. For inquiries about having La Bruja Gata perform in your venue, see our bookings page!